You Received An IRS Notice. What To Do.

Receiving a notice from the IRS can be daunting. Here’s some facts to eliminate the fear of the unknown.

There are a multitude of reasons the IRS sends notices to millions of taxpayers per year.

More times than not, a notice sent by the IRS is specific to one issue. The most common reasons are:

  • Request for Payment
  • Notification of Account Changes
  • Request for Additional information

Notices from the IRS are always sent by mail, so no need to fret missing an email from the IRS.

Notices from the IRS can also be to notify you of a correction they made after your taxes had been processed. This notification is sent to you to ensure you agree with the correction. If if is correct then there is usually no action you need to take. However, if you disagree, you’re best bet is to contact us. We can help you craft a proper explanation that will increase your chances of have the correction solved in your favor. The IRS will respond in up to thirty days.

It’s best to notify us of any notice you receive from the IRS so we can help you choose the right response to begin with.