Common Tax Time Mistakes to Avoid

“And they’re off!” If you’ve ever been to a horse race, the phrase should sound familiar. Those words apply now: the rush to file a complete and accurate tax return on time has begun.

But, as The Muse warns, the more you rush, tax pros say, the more you’re likely to make mistakes that can cost you in the form of penalties, a delay in getting your refund, and even a higher risk of an audit. Avoiding the following seven mistakes will contribute to keeping your return error free.

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Passport Restrictions on Delinquent Taxpayers

Since 2015, when the Fixing American’s Surface Transportation Act was passed by Congress, world travelers who owe the IRS money have found that it’s no fun to owe a tax debt. In fact, it can ground any and all international travel plans indefinitely.

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Non-Dischargeable Debts In Bankruptcy

Last month we featured an article that provided a general overview of the types of bankruptcy available to debtors who have hit hard financial times. We addressed the fact that despite the purpose of bankruptcy, that it is supposed to be a mechanism for giving the debtor a chance for a “fresh start,” the ramifications of declaring bankruptcy are far reaching and drastic, to say the least.

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