Preview of Some Key 2016 Tax Figures

It’s never too early to begin detailed planning for next year’s taxes — especially as we head into the final stretch of 2015 and get a better look at what the coming tax season has in store.

While official numbers for 2016 are not yet released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), many figures are formulas set within the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) or are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Department of Labor.

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IRS Sends New, Urgent Warnings To Taxpayers About Scam Artists

Unfortunately, when the tax season ends and most people stop thinking about tax issues, the tax scammers are just getting started. Their year-round commitment to finding new scams means taxpayers must remain vigilant and well informed.

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Leaving A Business: Which Exit Plan Is Best?

“Nothing lasts forever,” as the age-old saying goes. Eventually, ownership and key employees will leave your business, voluntarily or involuntarily, and no longer play a role in the business they worked so hard to create. Integrating an exit strategy into your business plan is crucial in order to achieve long-term goals — things like having sufficient levels of funds to meet retirement needs. For this reason, selecting your business successor and identifying the method of transfer to the successor are the key objectives of an effective exit strategy plan.

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