Shred It, and Remove Clutter

One of the big benefits to getting organized and going digital is you can get rid of all that clutter that not only bogs down your desktop, but also discourages you from being organized.

Scan and file documents that you consider important. This way you can keep the original in a safe place while still having a digital copy available to you when you need it.

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Scan it. Make Your Calendar Work For You.

Scan it.

A valuable tool for the average taxpayer to the small business owner that can be surprisingly simple to integrate into your life is scanner. From simple scanners built into your office printer to dedicated document scanners for documents, receipts and business cards, there are a lot of options out there in a variety of price ranges.

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Use the Cloud

Choose a secure online storage system. There are a lot of choices from Google Drive to Dropbox to Apple iCloud, but they all basically perform the same function and for personal users they are generally free. When you take a look at these services think about which one suits your needs in terms of ease of use, accessibility and your lifestyle. Also consider compatibility, while all of these should work fine on any device or OS, for general ease of use if you have an Android device you might want to look at Google Drive, Microsoft OS users might enjoy OneDrive and Apple users might like the looks of iCloud.

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Using Technology to Get Organized and Stay Organized

Keeping financial documents organized and archived can be a chore. However, when staying organized becomes a routine and you provide yourself with the proper tools, staying organized can be easier than you think. On top of that, keeping your financial documents in order can really pay off. This month we are going to share with you some ideas, techniques and tools that will help you get organized and, with a little work, stay that way.

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