Supply Chain Management

As any bookstore owner who’s heard a customer say, “That’s okay, I’ll order it on Amazon,” when a book is out of stock can tell you – supply chain management can make or break a small business. Supply chain management is the flow of input materials, finished goods, or services, through your business. It’s particularly important for businesses that produce or carry physical inventory.

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Startups and Equity

It can be difficult to attract talent during the start-up phase when you can’t necessarily offer the larger salaries and bonuses of a more-established company. Many start-ups turn to offering employee equity plans that increase the attractiveness of working for them. But there are downsides to diluting your equity and managing an equity plan.

If you’re a startup struggling to build the professional team you need to succeed, here are some of the pros and cons of launching an equity plan.

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How to Host a Successful Business Webinar

Webinars are more popular than ever, thanks to restrictions on in-person social gatherings. You may be planning on hosting a webinar for your own business or as an employee. Whatever the reason for your business webinar, there are some things you can do to ensure that it’s a success. Success would mean that you looked professional while hosting the webinar, that the webinar itself went off without a hitch and that others found the content useful. Here’s how to make that happen.

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