What kind of income can’t be taxed?

Did you know anyone paid for babysitting has to report that income to the IRS? Or let’s say you and a neighbor want to trade cars, you’ll still have to pay taxes on what the fair market value of the car you bartered. But not all income is taxable. Here are some examples of income you don’t have to pay taxes on:

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The Best Way to Save for College

College tuition is rising. In fact, it has risen in costs 500% since 1985! It is outpacing inflation by 121%. Not only is it outpacing inflation but it has eclipsed rising healthcare costs by 286%! Yikes!

The average student goes in debt for about $20,000 and 8% of students have a loan of $40,000 or more. So what is the best way to save for college to ensure your children aren’t swamped in debt for all of their career?

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