Trump Tax Reform – Pass Thru Update

Trump administration officials and congressional Republican leaders are negotiating the terms of a tax reform bill. While they have not introduced legislation or a detailed plan, here are some of the latest news items detailing what we know so far about their goals and possible intentions with respect to taxation of income flowing through pass-thru entities—and only applying to pass-thru entities. The following update is based on what they have said so far, as published in a July 27, 2017 report by the Washington Examiner.

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Tips on Managing Cash Flow as a New Business

What with all the talk about “cash flow” and “cash flow management,” it’s worth your while to gain a better understanding of what these terms actually mean.

Positive cash flow, for example, does not mean the business is profitable.

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How Accountants Can Help Improve Business Performance

This article tries to draw attention to the role that accountants could play as business advisors within your business. Historically, accountants occupied the position of “bean-counters,” which essentially focused on what happened in the past, not on what the future of the business holds.

This has changed, and it’s important to understand the dynamics of how it works in today’s business context.

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Choosing the Right Qualified CPA For Your Small Business

When choosing for the right qualified CPA for your business, the goal is to find a business advisor who is qualified to help take you from point A to point B—the long haul, in other words. The plan is to find the right complimentary relationship.

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