Writing Off Bad Loans You Made

So your friend was in a pinch and you thought they’d be good for it and they weren’t. It’s not all bad; you can lower your taxable income as a result.

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How Grandparents Are In a Great Position To Help Pay for College

Grandparents can help with college and lower taxable income.

A grandparent helping their grandchild pay for college can be a win all around. When a grandparent that contributes to a 529 savings plan, it lowers assets within the grandparent’s estate. This helps lowering estate tax.

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Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages are usually marketed in an appealing way. This could lead to someone asking how is it possible to pay a mortgage in reverse?

A reverse mortgage (also known as HECM, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) works much like a regular mortgage but instead of you making a payment each month to the lender, the lender sends you a payment.

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Debunking 6 Myths About Business Tax Returns

Taxes get more complicated for most businesses than they do for individual taxpayers. And not knowing the laws applicable to you is not a justified reason to not comply. Here’s a guide to debunking common myths about business and taxes.

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