Use the Cloud

Choose a secure online storage system. There are a lot of choices from Google Drive to Dropbox to Apple iCloud, but they all basically perform the same function and for personal users they are generally free. When you take a look at these services think about which one suits your needs in terms of ease of use, accessibility and your lifestyle. Also consider compatibility, while all of these should work fine on any device or OS, for general ease of use if you have an Android device you might want to look at Google Drive, Microsoft OS users might enjoy OneDrive and Apple users might like the looks of iCloud.

Once you have picked out the Cloud server of your choice, create some empty files, start simple with your basic Taxes, Receipts, Bills, Banking, etc. and go from there as needed. That way, when you upload your first documents you have somewhere to put them. You don’t want to upload all your files to the cloud only to find yourself with something as cluttered as your desktop.

Create a Routine.

Later on we will discuss using a cloud base calendar to help you stay organized. First things first, where do you keep those hard copies while they are waiting to be scanned into the cloud? The answer is a simple as you want to make it. From a simple inbox/ outbox on your desk to one folder that you dedicate to keeping documents that need to be scanned. Either way the important part is that you make a habit of following through.

This method is as simple as it sounds. The inbox is for documents that need to be scanned
and uploaded to the cloud, the outbox is for items that have been scanned and need to be filed away or shredded. The only downside is the temptation to ignore either portion of this box and let it’s contents get out of hand. This is a better choice for those of you who generally need less motivation to stay organized.

The One Folder System
One folder for documents that need to be scanned and uploaded. This leaves you with no choice but to take action with your documents once they are scanned and uploaded, they need to be filed away or shredded immediately because you have nowhere else to put them.

Whether you choose to follow one of these systems or have one of your own the most important thing is to be consistent. Stay diligent and eventually it will become a habit and once you see the benefits it will become a habit that you are more than happy to have.