Shred It, and Remove Clutter

One of the big benefits to getting organized and going digital is you can get rid of all that clutter that not only bogs down your desktop, but also discourages you from being organized.

Scan and file documents that you consider important. This way you can keep the original in a safe place while still having a digital copy available to you when you need it.

Scan and shred less important documents. Sometimes we keep documents we think we might need in the future on our desktops for weeks, months, even years. This only adds to the mess and disorganization. Scan them to the cloud and shred away, you can always print yourself a brand new copy.

Streamlining the amount of paperwork and documents you keep on your desktop, in your inbox or wherever you keep it, will pay off in many ways. The first is obvious, you will be organized and have what you need available in digital or hard copy, when you need it. The second is that organization breeds organization. When you get a new bill in the mail and you sit down at your desk faced with a pile of old, new, and who knows, you will be more likely to take that bill and add it to the mess. If that desk is clean and organized, with the tools in place to take that bill and scan it to the cloud, with an event in your calendar set to remind you to pay that bill, you will be more inclined to do yourself the favor of keeping your finances in order.