An Exhaustive Checklist to Start Prepping for Taxes Today

April 15th will be here before you know it. Getting prepared today will set you up for the most peace of mind and give you the best chance towards keeping all the money you’re entitled to for the past tax year.

This exhaustive checklist will get you prepared to meet April 15th head-on. Go get it all together today!

Individual Info

  • Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  • Tax ID or SSN
  • Alimony Paid plus SSN of ex-spouse as well as their full name
  • Spouse’s full name and SSN

Dependents or Additional Adults in Household

  • Form 8332 if the custodial parent has released their right to claim dependents
  • Any income from other adults living in your household
  • Records of childcare with the childcare giver’s tax ID
  • All the SSNs of dependents and their date of birth as well as their full name

Records and Forms from Education Costs

  • Receipts from educational costs that you wish to itemize and meet qualification criteria
  • Any forms such as a 1098-T from an academic organization
  • Records of student loans interests like form 1098-E, awarded scholarships or fellowships

Place of Work Forms

  • W-2 form if employed
  • 1099-MISC, Schedules k-1 as well as records of income that are not included in the 1099s
  • All expense records (receipts, bank statements, etc.)
  • Information on assets used for business to depreciate
  • Home office info—square footage of home used exclusively for business and percent of home utilities used exclusively for business

Work Automobile Info

  • Complete log of miles driven for work outside of normal commute
  • Parking and Tolls Receipts
  • For itemizing all costs, you’ll need receipts for all gas, maintenance, licenses and loan or lease interests

Proof of Income on Property You Rent Out

  • Records of income from renters (bank statement etc.)
  • Any records on assets that can be depreciated

Retirement Records

  • 1099-R for IRA, Pension or Annuity
  • 1099-SSA and/or RRB-1099 for Social Security and/or Railroad Retirement Board Income
  • Form 5498 for IRA contributions
  • IRA basis

Investments and Savings

  • 1099-INT Interests
  • 1099-OID Original Issue Discount
  • 1099-DIV Dividends
  • 1099-B Proceeds from Broker Sale
  • 1099-S Proceeds from Real Estate Sale
  • Dates of acquired investments/savings interests
  • Records of costs associated with investments
  • Records of sold property not reflected in 1099s

Records for Miscellaneous Credits and Deductions

  • Job search expenses (LinkedIn Premium payments, resume creation and printing, interview travel expenses not reimbursed by the potential employer, etc)
  • Estimated taxes paid
  • Qualified deductions for energy efficient home upgrades
  • Employment costs for trade publications, association fees, uniforms and so on
  • Last year’s tax preparation costs
  • Costs incurred as a result of investments
  • Miles and Travel Expenses for Charity
  • Assets Donated to Charity
  • Money Donated to qualified non-profits
  • Auto sales tax paid
  • Property taxes paid
  • Amount of both state and tax income paid not including taxes withheld
  • 1098 Mortgage Forms
  • Non-reimbursed moving expenses
  • HSA Payments, Form 5498-SA
  • Teachers out of pocket expenses for grades K-12

Any Records from Disasters Federally Declared  

  • Name of the City, County that the property is in or your place of work was in
  • Proof of losses such as restoration costs and appraisals before and after disaster
  • Insurance reimbursements
  • FEMA Assistance