The IRS Wants You To “Like” Them

Did you know you can get tax info from the IRS on social media?

When you’re on social media, probably, the last entity you’d ever want to get updates from is the IRS. But these channels can be a really great way to get a question answered. It’s important to note though, the IRS does not answer individual tax questions through social media and they only post public information. And if you love to get instant notification on tax changes like we do, you can do that too. Don’t worry if not, we’ll “follow” the IRS and let you know when you need to know about tax updates. You can always call us with any question you have that’s unique to your tax situation.

Here’s how to find the IRS on popular social media channels:

  • Twitter.  For news and updates: @IRSnews and @IRSenEspanol. The Taxpayer Advocate Service, an organization independent from the IRS that recommends improvements to the IRS based on issues taxpayers face @YourVoiceAtIRS.
  • Mobile App.  IRS2Go Check your refund status and get tax updates—it’s free and available on Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • YouTube.  IRS YouTube Channels Short videos on a wide range of tax topics. The videos are accessible in English and Spanish as well as American Sign Language.
  • Tumblr.  The IRS Tumblr blog posts the recent tax news.
  • Facebook.  The IRS Return Preparer Facebook page is mostly for us tax professionals. However, you can also view the IRS pages for updates and tax assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service at
  • Podcasts.  Short IRS podcasts episodes are available with helpful tips on a broad range of tax matters. You can also access the audio files on the Multimedia Center page on